Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer

Suffering from injuries sustained in an accident? Let Mr. Garvey get you what you deserve. Personal injury cases can be complex. Mr. Garvey is a lawyer with many years of experience in personal injury cases. He can meet with you at home, the hospital or your workplace - wherever it is most convenient for you. He can discuss solutions for getting you what you deserve, many times with no initial upfront costs.

Why hire a lawyer for person injury cases?

  • Understanding of complex laws from case to case - There are many types of personal injury cases including auto accidents, medical malpractice and slip and fall. Each of these cases require different skills and expertise. Building a strong case requires knowledge of science, math and medicine. Thus, personal injury cases are best left for a lawyer with the required skill and training.
  • No self help forms and guidance - This area of law is difficult and involved, thus there are no self help books to explain the process.
  • Need for experts certain areas - To build a strong case, you will need to first find the areas in which an expert witness is needed. Then find, interview and pay for the right person to assist in your case.
  • Settling a case before it reaches trial - Most cases of this type are handled out of court. Aside from the challenges of representing yourself on an emotional issue, many personal injury cases involve an argument that there has been some level of incapacity as the result of the defendant's actions or negligence. It will be hard to make that argument if you are handling the case yourself.

Statues of filing your claim on time

There are laws in Maryland that limit the time you have to file a complaint against a person or company. Mr. Garvey can help you navigate through the whole process of a personal injury claim. Contact the office at 301-948-1227